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Is the air in your home making you sick?

What’s in the air you’re breathing at home?

Has the air in your home been tested?

Help! I think my home is making me sick.

Healthy Homes by AmeriSpec.

The safety of the air in your home is our business. Poor indoor air quality can have profound negative effects on your health, and adversely affect productivity and enjoyment of your home. The first step towards having a healthy home is to have your indoor air quality professionally tested.
Why choose Healthy Homes by AmeriSpec?

  • Professional residential Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ) and Indoor Environmental Assessment
  • Industry leaders in home inspection services for over 30 years
  • Reliable and experienced technicians
  • Leading edge technology and processes

Protect yourself and your family. Be assured the air in your home is safe and free from these harmful contaminants:

Potential health symptoms can occur and escalate as a result of poor indoor air quality


Locations across Canada to serve you. We have a certified residential indoor air quality testing and indoor environmental assessment technician near you.