Testing for Airborne Particles


Healthy Homes by AmeriSpec provides professional residential indoor air quality testing and assessment services. If you think you may have airborne particle pollution in your home, we are here to help.

What is airborne particle pollution?

Airborne particle pollution in your home can come from sources such as cigarette smoke, cooking (especially frying), malfunctioning combustion appliances (i.e. furnaces without a proper air filter), wood-burning appliances, and mold growth. Particulate matter can also be formed from substances such as carbon (soot), liquid or solid particles in aerosols, fungal spores, pollen or toxins present in bacteria.

Airborne particles are commonly measured in microns. There are 25,400 microns in one inch. A human hair measures 100 microns whereas an eye of a needle measures 300 microns. The most harmful particles are 3 microns or less! Approximately 98-99% of all particles are 5 microns or less.

How does the presence of particulate matter in your home affect you?

Small airborne particles cause detrimental health risks as they can easily travel deep into the lungs. Health risks include respiratory symptoms such as wheezing and coughing. Children and pregnant mothers are at a higher risk for developing health problems associated with inhaling airborne particles, such as cancer, asthma, cardio-vascular disease, premature delivery, and birth defects.

What should you do if you expect you have a high level of airborne particulate matter in your home?

To determine if your home has a risk levels of airborne particle pollution that could harm your family, have your air quality tested by a qualified AmeriSpec professional.

Airborne particle pollution testing is advised if:

  • You have just moved into a new or recently renovated home
  • You suspect you do not have adequate ventilation in your home
  • You have large areas of carpeting in your home
  • There is cigarette smoking in your home
  • You have pets
  • Your lifestyle includes activities that often track in dirt from the outdoors

What to expect when you have an IAQ test in your home?

Here’s what you can expect when you book an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) test and Environmental Assessment with Healthy Homes by AmeriSpec:

  • A comprehensive walk through and assessment by a qualified Healthy Homes by AmeriSpec technician, including a complete visual inspection of the home and key area(s) of concern
  • Air quality testing to determine if there are high levels of airborne particulate matter in the air in your home, including independent lab analysis.
  • AmeriSpec tests for airborne particulate levels in all areas of your home, using a proprietary device that incorporates sophisticated sensor technology. It is designed to facilitate natural airflow, thus providing consistent readings, and each sensor is calibrated twice to ensure accuracy. One or more tests may be conducted for comprehensive evaluation.
  • Air tightness testing may also be conducted throughout your home to pinpoint possible areas of concern and areas that lack of proper ventilation.
  • After all testing and assessment procedures are completed, you will be provided with a detailed and easy-to-understand evaluation report.

Important facts about indoor airborne particulate matter

  • A properly ventilated home can reduce the amounts of airborne particles in your family’s living space, which in turn lowers health risks associated with these particles.
  • Cigarette smoke is the single greatest source of airborne particulate matter in homes. This means cigarette smoke can lead to a higher inhalation of particles, causing serious health risks.
  • If you have large amounts of carpet in your home, it is important to regularly clean them and ensure adequate filtration on your vacuum to reduce airborne particles
  • Other sources of airborne particle pollution include burning candles, home renovations and ongoing activities that cause increase in dust and airborne particulate matter in the home.

The first step towards having a healthy home is to have your indoor air quality professionally tested.
If you are concerned about airborne particle pollution in your home…don’t wait. Your lungs will thank you.